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Keeping In Touch

The pensions team want to ensure that you are kept up to date with all of the latest pensions news. To do this we use a variety of different media to keep in touch with our members.

InTouch Newsletter

Twice a year the pensions team issues a newsletter to its retired members called InTouch.

The newsletter includes a welcome from the Pensions Manager and an article from the current Pensioner Representative who sits on the Pensions Committee. If you have something of interest that you wish to contribute please forward it to our office.

Retired Members Meeting

Since 2006, the pensions team have been holding retired members meetings, to which all retired scheme members are invited to attend. Arrangements are made for a number of interesting speakers at the meeting. If you have recently heard someone speak who you think would be of interest to others, please contact the team. It is hoped that these meetings will give you an opportunity to catch up with former work colleagues whom you may have lost touch with as well as speak to members of the Pensions Team about your pension.

Annual Meeting

An Annual Meeting is held to update members on the status of the Fund. Topics covered include investments, financial performance and administration of the scheme. The Annual Meeting is open to active, deferred and retired members, who all receive an invitation prior to the meeting providing details of the event. To watch the most recent Annual Meetings please visit the page Annual Report and Pension Annual Meeting.

Email Updates

If we hold a current email address for you we can keep you updated by email. Contact for more information.


We will not send you a payslip unless your net pay (the amount that gets paid into your bank) either increases or decreases by £5 or more from the previous months pension amount. This means you will still be alerted when your pension payment has changed. As most members will only see a change to their pension in April due to the Pension Increase, this means you will still receive a payslip notification once or twice a year, usually in April and possibly in May too.

P60 Notification

A P60 notification is an annual summary of your pension and tax details for the previous tax year. We provide you with one at the end of every tax year and you should keep your P60 as a record of your pay and the tax that was deducted.

More information

View Payslips/P60 online

InTouch Newsletter