Shropshire County Pension fund

Taking care of your Local Government Pension in Shropshire

Changing your Details

Change of Address

If you would like to change your address please complete and return the Address Change Form, or write to us with your new address making sure the letter is signed. Alternatively, if you are an active or deferred member of the LGPS, you can change your address by logging into ‘My Pension Online‘ and following the instructions.

Change of Bank Details

Please complete the Bank Details Form and return the form to Pension Services.

Change of ‘Expression of Wish’

An ‘expression of wish’ nominates who you would like to receive any lump sum death grant that may be payable if you were to die. If you would like to make or change an election, please complete an Expression of Wish Form and return it to Pensions Services. You can also update your nominees through ‘My Pension Online‘.

Change of Marital Status

On change of marital status we need notification in writing and will need to see the original certificate to put on our records, be this a marriage/civil partnership certificate or Decree Absolute.

It is advised that all certificates are posted by either recorded or special delivery, as they will be returned in the same way. Shropshire County Pension Fund is not liable for any certificates that may be lost or delayed in the postal system and it is at your own risk if you choose to send certificates by 1st or 2nd class delivery. If you want to bring the certificates in for verification, Shropshire County Pension Fund operates a drop in service at the below address.