Covid-19 -Changes to the way we're working

Publication date: 30/03/2020 14:12:46

Changes to the way we're working due to Covid-19

Following latest government advice, the pensions team are now working from home.

Whilst we'll have reduced access to printing and postal services, we're hoping to carry on giving the same high quality pension administration service we normally provide to you and scheme members. However, it’s clear that some of our usual processes and work priorities will need to change. We also haven’t underestimated the impact of the current situation on your organisations’ day to day business.

The Pension Regulator’s (TPR) advice for pension administrators (on 20 March 2020) asks that the focus of service delivery at this time should be on the following areas:

  •   payment of benefits
  •   employer contributions
  •   minimising the risk of scams
  •   supporting good decision making.

Fortunately, this agrees with the priorities we had already put in place.


If you’ve any issues the fund needs to be aware of affecting your regular employer duties, please get in touch as soon as possible. Most importantly, if you think you may have issues with sending employee/employer contribution payments, i-Connect data or filling in leavers forms, please contact us. We’re aware that issues such as employers not being able to provide timely and accurate data are being discussed at a national level within the Local Government Association (LGA).

We kindly ask you to avoid sending us non-essential requests (such as retirement quotes) as we’re prioritising member retirements and deaths. Where possible, please avoid sending paper copies of information. Instead, you can use the fillable forms from our website and email them to the pensions inbox.