Independent Registered Medical Practitioners (IRMPs) (1)

Publication date: 28/02/2022 11:18:41

In our last news update we told you that three new independent registered medical practitioners (IRPMs) were added to our approved list. Dr Naeem and Dr Bland have still been added but Dr Rosalind Pool has since been removed.

If you're dealing with an ill health retirement please make sure you are using an IRMP from our IRMP approved list who is able to provide the opinion under the LGPS regulations. The fund cannot accept the opinion of an unapproved IRMP.

"IRMP" means an independent registered medical practitioner who is registered with the General Medical Council and-

(a)          holds a diploma in occupational health medicine (D Occ Med) or an equivalent qualification issued by a competent authority in an EEA state; and for the purposes of this definition, "competent authority" has the meaning given by section 55(1) of the Medical Act 1983 (74) ; or

(b)          is an Associate, a Member or a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine or an equivalent institution of an EEA state.

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