Valuation reminder and employers meeting

Publication date: 12/06/2019 11:18:58

We'd like to remind you once again that it's valuation year and it's important all relevant information is sent to us as soon as possible. 

Initial results from valuation will be available at the employers meeting in November.

Don’t forget to make us aware of any large (or significant for your organisation) staff restructures, redundancies, pay awards outsourcing, closures, or anything else that may affect the actuary’s calculations on employer contributions and employer funding levels.

We kindly request any information be sent to by Friday 21 June.

Remember to book your place on this year's employers meeting on 15 November as your employer results will be provided. You will need these results for budget purposes. It's essential for the relevant staff (those responsible for LGPS issues or working in finance) from your organisation to attend.

If you'd like to be added to the attendance list, please send an email to We look forward to seeing you there.