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Who Can Join/Opting Out

These pages are for employer use only. Member information can be found on the home page.

Who can join?

All new employees under the age of 75 and who have a contract of more than three months, or under three months and make an election to join, are eligible to participate in the LGPS.

If the employee is eligible they must be contractually enrolled from their employment start date or automatically enrolled (from your Auto Enrolment staging date). In both cases you need to:

  • Issue the employee with New Member Form and Brief Scheme Guide within 6 weeks of starting – this can be done electronically, if the employee has access to a computer and specific instructions are given as to where these documents can be obtained. If not, hard copies of these documents can be requested from the pensions team for employers to use.
  • Ensure employee and employer contributions must be deducted from the first pay period.
  • Include the new member details on the monthly spreadsheet for the new job/post they have started and ensure that this person is added to the monthly contribution return.

The New Member Form must be returned by the employee to the pensions team for the relevant records to set up and the pensions team can investigate any transfer requests the member may have.

All employees that are eligible to join the Pension Scheme are able to opt in and opt out of the Scheme as many times as they wish, although this should be done in line with payroll periods.

Note: most eligible employees should automatically be brought into the Pension Scheme when they start. Exceptions to this being casual workers and those workers with a contract of three months or less (unless they are an ‘eligible jobholder’ under auto-enrolment and the employer’s staging date has passed).

Opting out

If an employee wishes to opt out of the LGPS they can only do so by completing an Opt Out Form which the employee can obtain from the pensions team. You should never process an opt out without receipt of this form.

A form can be requested by calling the pensions helpdesk on 01743 252130 or by completing the online form or downloading a copy from the forms and guides page on the website.

The completed paper form should then be returned for the employer to action, record and to notify their payroll provider and the pensions team. If an employee completes the online form, an automatic notification will be provided via email to your organisation if it is listed on the online form and use of this type of notification has been agreed.

Please note an opt out form cannot be accepted if an employee completes and signs it before their employment start date.

As individual employments are treated separately in the LGPS, members with multiple employments can opt out of individual employments if they wish.

More information

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