Shropshire County Pension fund

Taking care of your Local Government Pension in Shropshire

Who can join/opt out

These pages are for employer use only. Member information can be found on the home page.

Who can join?

All new employees under the age of 75, and who have a contract of more than three months, are eligible to join the LGPS. Employees who have a contract for less than three months, may also choose to join the scheme.

An eligible employee must be enrolled from your auto-enrolment date, or from the date they start their employment.

In both cases you will need to:

  • Issue the employee with a new member form and brief scheme guide within 6 weeks of starting their employment
  • Ensure employee and employer contributions are deducted from the first pay period
  • Include the employee details on your iConnect extract

The employee must return their new member form to us. Once we have this we will set up the member’s record and look into any transfer requests they have.

Note: Most employees will be brought into the scheme automatically. Exceptions to this would be casual workers and those workers with a contract of three months or less (unless they are an ‘eligible jobholder’ under auto-enrolment and the employer’s staging date has passed).

Opting out

All employees can opt out of the LGPS by completing an opt out form. This can be found on our website and can be filled in online, or downloaded.

The employee must return their completed form to you, as their employer. If they have completed the form online, you will receive an automatic notification if your organisation is listed on the online form, and this form of communication has been agreed.

When you receive the employee’s form you should update your system, notify payroll and notify us as the administering authority.

You must not process an employee as having left, until you have their form.

Please note that an employee cannot opt out before they have started their employment.

If an employee has more than one employment they do not have to opt out of them all. Each employment is separate.