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Death in Service

These pages are for employer use only. Member information can be found on the home page.

How does an employer notify the Pensions Team of a Death in Service?

Notification should be made on form PEN007. Dependants’ details should be included (if known) together with the original death certificate if it is available.

It can very often be helpful if first contact with the next of kin is made by the employer, preferably someone known to the bereaved. If you are at all unsure about what to do or need further advice on the benefits due please contact Pensions Services.

Death Grant

Where a scheme member dies whilst in employment, a death grant is payable from the first day of membership. The death grant is a lump sum payment of three times the member’s actual pensionable pay (not full time equivalent if member was part time). The Administering Authority (Shropshire Council) has the final discretion with regards to the payment of the death grant, but will endeavour to follow the wishes of the member as defined under the regulations. The member will have had the option to nominate who they would like to receive this grant. Where the death grant is higher than £5000 and payment is to be made to the estate, either Grant of Probate or Will or Letters of Administration will be required.

Benefits for a Widow/er, Civil Partner, Co-habiting Partner & Children

If there is a surviving spouse, or civil partner or co-habiting partner, benefits will be payable upon receipt of appropriate certificates. If there are eligible children, children’s pensions will also be payable.

*Please note that form PEN006 (for Shropshire Council use) in no longer in use. Please use PEN007 instead.

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