Shropshire County Pension fund

Taking care of your Local Government Pension in Shropshire

Scheme leavers other than retirement

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What happens to an employees benefits when they leave or opt out of the LGPS, will depend on how long they have been in the scheme.

Refund or deferred pension?

From 1 April 2014, employees are required to have 2 years qualifying membership in the scheme to be entitled to benefits.

If an employee has pre and post 1 April 2014 service, and leaves with between 3 months and 2 years’ membership in total, they can choose between:

  • A refund of contributions
  • A deferred pension

If they have less than 2 years they could be entitled to a refund of contributions providing:

  • They have not subsequently re-joined the LGPS within a month and a day of ceasing their employment, of which they are claiming the refund of contributions
  • They are not currently making contributions to the LGPS
  • They do not already hold a deferred benefit in the LGPS
  • They are not in receipt of a pension from the LGPS
  • They have not previously transferred pension rights from the LGPS to an overseas pension scheme

If the employee opts out of the scheme with under 3 months membership, and a refund is requested (providing the employee does not meet any of the above criteria), then the refund of contributions can be made via your payroll. For leavers over 3 months, a leaver’s form must be completed and we will give the employee the available options.