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Forms and Guidance Library

These pages are for employer use only. Member information can be found on the home page.

Below is a list of official forms required to notify the pensions team of changes to an employee’s circumstances. Further information can be found in the email bulletins sent out to employers, which can be found in our employers email library.

Employer- change notification forms

For copies of the official forms referenced in the employer guide, see the links below.

PEN001 – Notification of Employee Changes Form

PEN002– Change of Hours Form

PEN003 – Leave of Absence Form (Form no longer required since the introduction of the CARE Scheme in 2014)

PEN004 – Return to Work Following an Absence Form

PEN005– Notification of Maternity, Adoption or Paternity Absence Form

PEN006 – Notification of Retirements and Deaths Form (No longer in use, please use PEN007)

PEN007A – Leavers Form

PEN007A – Fillable Leavers Form (Electronic signature not accepted)

PEN007B – Leavers Form – Ill Health and Death in Service

PEN007B – Fillable Leavers Form – Ill Health and Death in Service (Electronic Signature not accepted)

PEN010– Request for an Estimate of Retirement Benefits

New Member Form– This form should be issued to all new members to the LGPS

Shropshire County Pension Fund Scheme Guides

The below Scheme Guides are also available to Scheme members and are written with members rather than employers in mind.

Brief Scheme Guide– This guide should be issued to all new members to the LGPS

Full scheme guide

The retirement process guide

Appeals guide

Divorce guide

Statements and Policies

All statements and policies can be found in Fund strategies, policies and statements.

Latest Shropshire County Pension Fund Newsletters

Employers Newsletter Jul-2015 (For a copy of Appendix A- the Discretion template, contact Rebecca Clough on;

Employers Newsletter Dec-2012

(See also Employers email Library for further updates provided by the Fund)

Statutory and other guidance

Guidance applicable to the administration of the Local Government Pension Scheme can be found below. Follow each link to be taken to the sites where the full regulations can be found. These guides have not been written by Shropshire County Pension Fund.

LGA Regulations

LGA HR Guide

LGA Payroll Guide

The Local Government Association holds other Statutory Guidance which employers may wish to refer to which can be found here.

Ill-health guidance

LGA Statutory Guidance covering letter Sept-2014

LGA Statutory Ill-Health Guidance 2008 Scheme updated Sept 14

LGA Statutory Ill-Health Guidance 2014 Scheme

Ill-Health Frequently Asked Questions

Pensions Ombudsman Newsletter

Exit Payment Cap

Exit payment cap Frequently Asked Questions

Please see employers email library for information on the consultations of the reform of public sector exit payments.

University of Sunderland vs Drossou Tribunal Ruling

LGA tribunal ruling- compensation payment

Contracting Out and the New State Pension

There are a number of resources available to employers to help employers understand and communicate the changes to the State Pension and the removal of Contracted-Out status from the LGPS from April 2016. Employers may particularly wish to view Bulletin 140 which is a special edition covering this issue. See below:

Contracting Out Q&A for employers

Contracting Out Q&A for employees

Contracting Out letter from the Department of Work and Pensions

LGPC Bulletin 140 February 2016 – End of contracting out and new state pension (covering employer cost, communicating and implications for payroll)

Changes to the State Pension from April 2016 (DWP factsheet)

A leaflet has been developed to provide information to members who are considering topping up their state pension. The leaflet is available on the LGPS Regulations and Guidance website at the following address:

Other documents referenced in the Employers area

Circular 301

LGA Bulletin 142

Template of monthly return

Written Ministerial Statement March 2014

Circ-283-strike-final (See Annex 2 for the standard letter template)

circular 290

Discretions Template- (Contact Rebecca Clough for a copy of this document on

Employer Training

Circular 307