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An academy is automatically a Scheme employer upon conversion.

The LGPS Regulations 2013 definition of an academy is; A proprietor of an academy within the meaning of section 579 (general interpretation) of the Education Act 1996 who has entered into academy arrangement within the meaning of section 1 (academy arrangements) of the Academies Act 2010.

Information required by the Fund to process a school converting to an academy is:

  • Date of proposed conversion
  • Data file of all non teaching staff – a template will be supplied by the pensions team for completion
  • Confirmation on whether the Academy will be joining an Academy Trust or becoming an employer in their own right
  • Copy of the certificate issued by the Department of Education confirming Academy conversion

If you would like more information on becoming an Academy in the LGPS the following fact sheet is available: Academies in the LGPS.

Schools considering Academy Status should also familiarise themselves with the Administration Strategy before conversion as it outlines the responsibilities of the Fund and its employers.

If you are a school considering conversion to Academy status and you have read the academies fact sheet you should contact to obtain the information you require. Please remember to contact the Pensions Team in good time before conversion as the information from the Actuary can take 6-8 weeks to obtain.

Further information

Adminstration Strategy Statement

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