Annual benefit statement 2019 for active firefighters- Available now!

Publication date: 13/08/2019 14:34:05

If you're a registered user of Shropshire County Pension Fund's 'My Pension Online' service, you can now view your 2019 annual benefit statement.

Once you've logged in, select 'Benefit Statements' from the menu on the left. Your statement is an estimate of your Firefighter Pension Scheme benefits based on your pay and employment details as supplied by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service up to 31 March 2019.

The statement is based on the regulations in place on 31 March 2019 and your current normal pension age. Please read this carefully along with the accompanying guidance notes (a link to these notes can be found under 'Related Links', or in the ‘Documents’ section when you are logged into your pension record).


Not registered for 'My Pension Online'? 

To register to view your annual benefit statement, visit ‘My Pension Online’ and click 'sign up'. You'll need your email address and National Insurance number to register.

From here, you can view your annual benefit statements, produce your own benefit projections using the Benefit Projector, update your personal details and death grant nomination (if applicable).


'My Pension Online' - Frequently asked questions

What is my username?

Your username is not your email address, but rather a unique name you would have created to register. Please make sure there are no capital letters. If you've forgotten your username, click the 'Forgotten your username?' link above the log in button.

What is my password?

Please ensure that your password is meeting the correct criteria: It must contain an upper and lower case character, a number and a symbol. If you've forgotten your password, please click the 'Forgotten your password?' link above the log in button.

Why have I got more than one benefit statement?

This will be because you have more than one job. For example, if you're a whole time Firefighter and a retained Firefighter and pay into the pension scheme for both posts, you'll have a statement for each post.

Where are my transfers?

You'll only see transfers that have been transferred in between 1st April 2018 and 31st March 2019. Any previous transfers are already included. You can view all transfers on the 'Transfer Details' tab on the left side of the 'My Pension Online' screen.

How do I calculate what my pension will be at a specific retirement date in the future?

Once you’ve logged in, select ‘Benefit Projector’ then ‘Voluntary Retirement’ and you can calculate your own projections. The ‘leaving date’ box will default to your normal pension age, however you can overtype this date and see your pension figures. After amending the leaving date, click ‘calculate’ at the bottom of the screen. The annual pension and lump sum figures will adjust accordingly and give you an idea of the pension that may be due. 

When using the benefit projector, why is my pension lower if I choose to retire earlier than my normal retirement age?

Your pension will be reduced for early payment, as we’re paying the pension to you for longer. Details of the reductions that would apply can be found in the accompanying guidance notes. If you retire due to ill health or redundancy, your benefits are paid unreduced.

I am thinking about leaving my job and retiring. What are the next steps?

Once you've handed in your notice at work, your employer sends us a 'leavers form' (they won’t be able to give us the leavers form until your final salary/wage payment has been made and this can sometimes be after you’ve left). We check the figures on the leavers form and work out your pension benefits. A retirement pack is posted to you with your options and forms to complete. When we receive your forms back, we’ll process your benefits and confirm payment dates in a letter.

My marital status is recorded incorrectly on my statement. How do I correct this?

You can update your marital status online, however if your circumstances have changed, we'll need to see your original marriage certificate/ civil partnership certificate/ decree absolute. If you send this to us by special or recorded delivery, it will be returned to you in the same way.