Court of Appeal transitional protections judgement

Publication date: 04/01/2019 14:00:57

We're aware the Court of Appeal has handed down the judgment in the firefighters transitional appeals case, finding the transitional protections introduced with the new pension scheme in 2015 were unlawfully discriminatory on grounds of age.

It's important to note the case is only about the transitional protection arrangements in the 2015 firefighters’ pension scheme, and whether these are discriminatory. It doesn't address the introduction of that scheme itself by the primary legislation of the Public Service Pensions Act 2013.

What happens next?
We realise scheme members want to understand what this means for their pension, however, we don't yet know what actions need to be taken as a result of this ruling. The judgment passes to the employment tribunal to consider what needs to happen next. But, before that step, the government can apply for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. So, it will most likely be many months before we're able to understand what this means for pension scheme benefits.

In the immediate future, your pension benefits will still be worked out under the current

We'll keep you informed as things progress.