Pensions and divorce

In the event of a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, you may be asked for information about your pension benefits in the LGPS.

This is usually because the information will be needed when deciding how to treat your pension rights as part of a divorce or dissolution settlement. Your benefits may have an earmarking order or a pension sharing order applied to them.

You or your solicitor will need to get in touch to ask us for information. This will include an estimate of the cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) of your pension rights. If your solicitor contacts us, we'll need a signed document from you to say that the information may be given.

A CETV quote is normally free, however, there may be a cost if you or the court need one within three months of the request. A cost may also apply if you ask for a CETV where there is no entitlement to one i.e. you have less than two years scheme membership, or where more than one date is asked for.

In the past, you may have put down your former spouse or civil partner to receive any lump sum due in the event of your death. As part of the divorce process, you should check your expression of wish form to make sure it is up to date.

For more information please read our divorce guide. To ask for a CETV please contact us on 01743 252130.