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Lump Sum Death Grant

If you die whilst an active member of the LGPS, a lump sum death grant of 3 times your assumed pensionable pay at your date of death is paid no matter how long you have been a member of the LGPS, provided you are under the age of 75 at the date of your death.

If you are contributing to the LGPS in another employment or LGPS Fund, any death grant due is limited to the greater of either the death in service grant, or the death grant from your deferred pension (or multiple deferred pensions).

You can make an expression of wish as to who you would like any death grant to be paid to by completing and returning an Expression of Wish Form.

The Expression of Wish Form is only for nominating who you wish to receive your death grant. The Scheme Managers cannot be legally bound by an expression of wish and must retain absolute discretion, but will make every effort to comply with your wishes where practicable to do so.

Don’t forget that if your circumstances change, e.g. a beneficiary dies or you divorce and your spouse was the beneficiary, then it is important to update your expression of wish as soon as possible.

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Expression of Wish Form