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The Retirement Process

The Retirement Process Booklet is intended to help guide you through the retirement process and explain what happens when you retire.

This booklet is for guidance only and cannot be treated as a statement of law.

To obtain the most recent copy of the The Retirement Process Booklet contact the pensions team on 01743 252130 or follow the link below.

One of the options that you will have upon retirement is to convert some of your annual pension for a lump sum. You are allowed under HMRC limits to take up to 25% of your total pension pot as tax free cash. Please use our ‘My Pension Online’ facility to calculate your benefits and use the link below to calculate the potential retirement grant you could take using the calculator on the LGPS member website.

Further information

My Pension Online

LGPS Lump Sum Calculator (this link will redirect you to the national LGPS member website)

The Retirement Process Guide

Tax and Pension Benefits