Shropshire County Pension fund

Taking care of your Local Government Pension in Shropshire

Transferring Out- Active Members

If you are currently paying contributions into the LGPS you cannot transfer your benefits out of the scheme.

If you wish to transfer your benefits out of the LGPS, you must first opt out of the scheme where your pensions account will cease to be an ‘active’ account and become a ‘deferred’ account. Pension benefits held in the LGPS as deferred are able to be transferred into another scheme.

If this is an option which you are considering, please visit the web pages on opting out of the LGPS and transferring your deferred benefits out of the scheme.

Please be aware that if you are considering such a transfer, the scheme to which you transfer your benefits to may not offer such a wide range of secure benefits as the LGPS.

You should seek financial advice before making this decision.