Shropshire County Pension fund

Taking care of your Local Government Pension in Shropshire

Opting Into the LGPS

If you have made the decision to opt out of the LGPS, you can opt back into the scheme at any time, provided you are otherwise eligible to join the scheme and are under the age of 75. To read about the benefits of membership of the LGPS please visit the webpage on ‘benefits of joining the LGPS‘.

To opt back into the LGPS you would need to complete an Opt In Form. This form needs to be returned to your employer so they know to start taking pension contributions from your pay in the next available pay period. Once this has been done, they will inform the Pensions Team that you have opted back into the pension scheme.

Automatic enrolment regulations mean that any eligible member of the LGPS who has opted out of the scheme will be auto enroled back into the scheme every 3 years from the date auto enrolment regulations were applied. Members who wish to do so can opt out again.

Your employer will notify you upon your being re-enroled into the scheme.

Opting out and combining you benefits

If you opt out, or have previously opted out of the LGPS on or after 11 April 2015, and are entitled to a deferred benefit as a result of opting out of the scheme in that employment (other than a concurrent employment) and choose to later rejoin the LGPS, you do not have the right to aggregate the 2 periods of membership.

Further Information

Brief Scheme Guide

Opt In Form