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These pages are for employer use only. Member information can be found on the home page.

Shropshire County Pension Fund is committed to providing an excellent service for employers in administering the pension scheme for their employees. In total we administer the pension scheme for around 140 employers.

In order to do this we aim to provide clear and comprehensive information on this website, provide a good response to queries raised by email or telephone, and to process information accurately.

The Employers’ Guide has been published to assist employers with procedures and the interpretation of the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations. It will also tell employers which forms and documents the Pensions Team need for the various issues they will be dealing with. However, this guide does not overrule the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations.

Employers’ must also be aware of the responsibilities outlined in the Pensions Administration Strategy Statement. This document covers what is expected of an Employer in the LGPS.

It is recommended that employers refer to the HR and payroll guides published on www.lgpsregs.org as the Employers’ Guide has been written alongside the information provided in these guides.

It is also recommended that all employers know where to view the regulations online.

To view the 2014 regulations follow the link: http://www.lgpsregs.org/index.php/regs-legislation/timeline-regulations-2014

All previous regulations can be found here: http://timeline.lge.gov.uk/

We aim to update all information on the website frequently, as well as sending regular newsletters and holding dedicated meetings for all employers throughout the year.

Any queries with the information on this website please contact Rebecca Clough on 01743 254457 or on rebecca.clough@shropshire.gov.uk