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Processing Leavers and Retirements

These pages are for employer use only. Member information can be found on the home page.

Processing Leavers before retirement

If a member leaves their employment or opts out, what happens to their benefits depends on how long they have been in the scheme.

Whatever the reason, for an employee leaving the Local Government Pension Scheme after 3 months, the leaver’s details form (PEN007) must be completed.

Processing Retirements and deaths

Under the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations, the employer is  responsible for determining if and what type of benefit is payable – the leavers form PEN007 informs the pensions team of a retirement and therefore must be completed and signed by an authorised signatory before any benefits are paid. Retirements fall into the following categories:

Normal Retirement

Early Retirement

Flexible Retirement

Redundancy/Efficiency Retirement

Ill-Health Retirement

Awarding Ill-Health benefits for deferred members

When should employers notify the Pensions Team of a retirement?

When a member retires, certificates and various forms have to be completed in order for the benefits to be paid. As this can take some time it is important that pension services are notified as soon as possible of an employee retiring – for example immediately after the employees final pay is known.

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