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Data Protection

These pages are for employer use only. Member information can be found on the home page.

New standards of data protection come into force on 25 May 2018. These are called the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). GDPR modernise the existing Data Protection Act (now Data Protection Act 2018) in ensuring that an individual’s personal data is held and processed in a way that is safe and secure.

As the administering authority, and Data Controller, we have taken steps to make sure we are compliant with the GDPR, when processing personal data. It is also important that we comply with our legal obligations.

The reason we hold information is so that we can contact members, calculate and pay their benefits, manage our liabilities and administer the fund generally.

As part of the process we have introduced a Memorandum of Understanding. The aim of this document is to set out that scheme employers do not need a data sharing agreement to share data with us. This is because both we are both data controllers under the GDPR.

It is important that you read the Memorandum of Understanding and make sure you are compliant with it.

You may also wish to look at our Privacy Notices (either in full or summary). The aim of these documents is to set out our responsibilities and obligations when handling and processing member/stakeholder personal data.

The notices also include what information we hold, who it is shared with and what rights the members have in relation to accessing the data.

More information can be found on the Data Protection Privacy Notice page.