Reminder about changes in employment

Publication date: 03/03/2020 11:27:11


If you have employees who leave one role and start a new role the next day, we record this as a post number change unless you tell us it's a ‘new employment’, in which case, a PEN007 leavers form should be filled in for the post that has ended. You can find these forms under Related Documents, or in the Forms and guidance library.  

If you decide, as their employer, the change is because of a 'new employment', then the member will be treated as a new member and we'll send them a new starter form. Their new employment pension record will be kept separate from their old record and we'll write to them with the option to join their records together. 

Don’t forget, members with pre 1 April 2014 (final salary) service who have a post number change where their ongoing post is on a lower salary, have the option to use regulation 10 (under the 2008 regulations) if they meet the criteria. If an employee asks for regulation 10, 13 years of pensionable pay needs to be worked out if the employee leaves within 10 years of the drop in salary.