Opting into the LGPS

If you decide to ‘opt out’ of the LGPS, you can come back into the scheme at any time if you're ‘eligible’ for membership. Visit the 'benefits of joining the LGPS' page to read about the advantages of becoming a member.

To opt back into the scheme, you need to fill in an opt in form. Please return this form to your employer so they know to start taking contributions from your pay. Once this has been done, they'll tell us you've re-joined the LGPS.

Opting out and joining your benefits together

If you ‘opt out’ of the LGPS (or have opted out on or after 11 April 2015), you may have deferred benefits for this job. If you later re-join the LGPS, you'll start a new ‘pot’ of pension. You can’t join the two pots of pension together and your records will be treated as separate.